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Print Medical Insurance Card

  • Go to Aetna Student Health
  • Type University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the "Find Your School" box
  • Select "Print ID Card"

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Spring/Summer 2014 Enrollment Update

Enrollment for the UNL Healthy Option Student Plan for the Spring/Summer 2014 enrollment period is available online now. Log onto your MyRED account and look for "Health Insurance" under "Additional Services." If you need to enroll a spouse or dependent(s) on the plan, stop by the University Health Center's Insurance Coordinator's office.

Graduate Assistant and International Student Waiver

If you wish to waive the UNL Healthy Option Student Insurance Plan, fill out this on-line waiver by February 1, 2014. Allow 10 days for processing; check your tuition statement to verify the charge has been removed. If there are problems with your waiver, you will be contacted via e-mail.

About 2013-2014 Medical, Pharmacy and Dental Coverage

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln works with Aetna Student Health and Ameritas Group Dental, a division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., to offer a medical, prescription and dental insurance plan available for students who attend UNL. Coverage is also available for dependents. You may want to consider the student insurance policy if you have no insurance or if your current insurance policy does not:

  1. Cover services provided at the UHC because it is out of network
  2. Provide coverage because of a decrease in credit hours
  3. Provide coverage because of age restrictions
  4. Provide adequate benefits

Why the Healthy Option Student Plan?

  • Provides health, prescription and dental insurance under one plan and one premium
  • Covered University Health Center (UHC) services paid at 100% - including most laboratory; physical therapy; radiology; specialty; counseling and psychological services; and annual exam expenses
  • Eliminate worries about HMO or out-of-network coverage
  • Includes two healthy mouth check-ups at the UHC Dental Office

What are the benefits of the Healthy Option Student Plan?

The following charts show how the student insurance plan pays for benefits for the major types of expenses. You can see the difference in your cost when you use in-network providers. Plan year is from August 14, 2013 to August 13, 2014.

Aetna Medical Plan Highlights
Aggregate Maximum $500,000 per Policy Year
Deductible $400 per insured per Policy Year; Covered medical expenses incurred at the UHC will be payable at 100% with waiver of the Policy Year Deductible.
Coinsurance In-Network Care
80% of the Negotiated Charge for the first $9,750 of Covered Medical Expenses; 100% thereafter.
Out-of-Network Care
60% of the Reasonable Charge for the first $4,875 of Covered Medical Expenses, 100% thereafter.*
Please Note: The coinsurance reimbursement levels indicated above apply to treatment received outside the UHC and are not payable until the $400 Policy Year Deductible has been satisfied.
Coinsurance Maximum - $1,950 per insured, per Policy Year. (This coinsurance maximum does not include the $400 Policy Year Deductible.) *Your total out-of-pocket expenses may exceed the Coinsurance Maximum (plus Deductible) if you receive care from non-preferred providers.
Co-Pay - In addition to the Policy Year Deductible and Coinsurance Maximum, each insured person will be responsible for a $250 per emergency room visit co-pay amount and a $250 per inpatient admission co-pay amount. The co-pay normally does not apply to urgent care center charges.

Aetna Pharmacy Coverage Highlights
Prescription Drug - $500,000 per Policy Year maximum In-Network Care
100% of Negotiated Charge after a $10 per 30-day supply Generic Drug fill and $25 per 30-day Brand Name Drug fill.
Out-of-Network Care
100% of Reasonable Charge after a $10 per 30-day supply Generic Drug fill and $25 per 30-day Brand Name Drug fill.
Mail Order – up to 90 day supply - 2.5 Copayments
Contraceptive coverage at 100% except for when filling Brand Name drugs that have a Generic equivalent. Please Note: You are required to pay in full at the time of service for all prescriptions dispensed at an out-of-network pharmacy.
The UHC Pharmacy is an in-network pharmacy with Aetna and offers you the best and most convenient prescription services. The UHC Pharmacy is located inside the Health Center at 1500 U Street.

Ameritas Dental Plan Highlights
*When receiving a Preventive Procedure outside the University Health Center Dental Office, the coinsurance is 80% of the Maximum Allowable Benefit. The Maximum Allowable Benefit is the amount that University Health Center dentists have agreed to charge plan members for services. The $75 deductible is also applied to preventative care outside UHC.
**Basic procedures done outside the UHC are paid on a reduced payment schedule.
NOTE: UHC Dental Office offers you the best benefits with this insurance plan. The UHC Dental Office does not offer pediatric dentistry services.
Coinsurance (Plan Pays) UHC Dental Office All Other Providers
Preventative Procedures 100% 80% *
Basic Procedures Payment Schedule** Payment Schedule
Deductible Amounts
Preventative Procedures $0
Basic Procedures
(Each Plan Year)
$40 of allowable insurance payment
Preventative and Basic Procedures (Each Plan Year) $75
Maximum Plan Year Benefits
Preventative and Basic Procedures (Per Person) $500 $500
("Payment Schedule" means the Pre-Determined Allowance for each Covered Procedure)

UNL Healthy Option Student Plan Enrollment - Getting Started

Who is Eligible for Coverage?

Your method of enrollment in the UNL "Healthy Option" student plan will depend on your course load and class status. PLEASE NOTE: All students enrolled for three or more credit hours at UNL and who have paid the Health Center Student Facility Fee, are eligible to purchase the plan. Unless a medical condition prohibits, students must actively attend class for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. The three or more credit hour requirement does not apply to international students, graduate assistants, and masters and doctoral students enrolled in 1 or 2 credit hours for the purposes of completing thesis or dissertation graduation requirements.

How to Enroll

You can enroll online by going to your MyRED account.

Medical, pharmacy and dental coverage cannot be purchased separately.

It will not be necessary for Graduate Assistants or International Students (F1 and J1 Visa) to complete the enrollment process - the University will automatically enroll these students. Students who enroll in the plan may also insure their eligible dependents. Students who wish to enroll their eligible dependents must contact the UNL Student Insurance Coordinator by calling (402) 472-7435 or emailing

Enrollment Forms are available if necessary at the University Health Center, 1500 U Street.

Please note: It is the student's responsibility to renew the insurance coverage and to verify their effective and termination dates on each policy anniversary.

You must re-enroll for each coverage period.

Premium Rates
Fall (8/14/13 - 12/31/13) Spring/Summer (1/1/14 - 8/13/14)
Student $678 $1,076
Spouse/Domestic Partner $2,306 $3,729
Each Child $1,137 $1,825
Graduate Assistant Portion $142 $226

Insurance Waiver Deadlines - International Students

This coverage is mandatory for International Students unless proof of comparable insurance coverage is presented, and a waiver is filed by the 14th day of classes. In the absence of a waiver, the insurance premium will be automatically placed on your Student Account Statement.

Insurance Waiver Deadlines - Graduate Assistants

Student insurance is provided as part of the University Graduate Assistant employment package. Non-participation in this program will require a completed waiver within 14 days of employment.

Please Note: Waiver applications will be available beginning on December 1, 2013.

Questions? - How to Reach Us

Medical Insurance
Aetna Student Health

UHC Medical Insurance Contact:
UNL Healthy Option (
Dental Insurance
Ameritas Group Dental

UNL Dental Insurance Contact:
Sue Heng (
University Health Center
402-472-5000 (medical appts)
402-472-7495 (dental appts)

UNL Pharmacy Program Contact:
UHC Pharmacy