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Does your program, student group, department or class have a newsletter? We can supply interesting, informative articles, infographics and videos on important health and well-being topics. Email requests to: uhc@unl.edu


Powerpoint Slides

Too few of our students make use of the many health and wellness resources available on campus. Help us get the word out to students about how to make use of these resources and live healthier lives.

Please include the slide(s) at the beginning or end of your lecture. Briefly explain to students why you have included the slide.

Introduction to Counseling and Psychological Services


Schedule a Presentation

The University Health Center staff and our peer educators are available to do presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics. We also offer informative presentations to teach students about the services available to them at the University Health Center.

Request a Presentation from a University Health Center Staff Member

Request a Presentation from a University Health Center Peer Educator