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Health Promotion and Outreach
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The staff in Health Promotion and Outreach are here to assist you. Call 402-472-5000 to schedule an appointment with one of our health educators.

To schedule a presentation for your group, read the following directions:

Available Presentations
ABC's of Contraception Learn about common methods of contraception, choosing the method that is right for you, and myths about birth control.
Alcohol 101 Learn what is a standard drink, what is BAC, how alcohol affects your body and health, and strategies to help make safe and smart decisions.
FitNut U Learn about easy ways to eat better, healthy fast food choices, and easy ways to fit in physical activity.
Healthy Living Join this presentation to learn about the factors that influence wellness, tips to reach optimal wellness, and the benefits of a healthy life.
Healthy Relationships This presentation will help you sort out what is healthy and unhealthy in any type of relationship. It also will discuss the stages a relationship goes through, how to end it, and tips to help you maintain healthy relationships.
More Zzzzzz's Please During this presentation, students learn how much sleep is needed for the busy college student and tips for getting more of it.
Sex-Tac-Choices Are you at risk? This presentation covers the most common types of STI's, how you can protect yourself from contracting them, and the importance of getting tested.
Stress & You Learn about the stress response, discuss common stressors, and learn how to use time management skills and other techniques to ease and cope with stress in your life.

How to Schedule a Presentation

  1. Submit a the following online request form at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. After receiving the online form, a University Health Center staff member will contact you asap to discuss the activity.
  3. Once you have confirmation by a University Health Center staff member that your activity request will be fulfilled, advertise your program.

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