Health Promotion & Outreach Presentations and Resources

How to schedule a presentation:

  1. Submit the online request form at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. After receiving the online form, a University Health Center staff member will contact you to discuss the activity.
  3. Once you have confirmation by a University Health Center staff member that your activity request will be fulfilled, advertise your program.
Available Presentations
Alcohol Learn about the UNL alcohol culture, how alcohol impacts health, wellness and academics, and get some tips and tricks to stay safer if you drink. This presentation includes a standard drink pouring demonstration and a bystander impact scenario. Request Your Presentation
Contraception Explore common methods of contraception (includes models!) and learn how to think critically about contraceptive choices. The presentation includes a demonstration of how to properly put on a condom. Request Your Presentation
Healthy Living Create wellness strategies for use in college and beyond. Included are ways the University Health Center can help. Request Your Presentation
Healthy Relationships Join this presentation to learn about the factors that influence wellness, tips to reach optimal wellness and the benefits of a healthy life. Request Your Presentation
Physical Activity & Nutrition (PAN) Dive in to the interconnectedness of physical activity and nutrition, the numerous health benefits and offer examples of simple activities and healthier food options. Request Your Presentation
Sleep Find out why sleep is so good for us, get tips for better sleep and discuss the complicated issue of napping. As part of this presentation, all students receive a sleep kit, which includes an eye shade and ear plugs among other things. Request Your Presentation
Stress Take a stress assessment, talk about common causes of collegiate stress, and most importantly, how to cope and manage that stress. This presentation includes a mindfulness exercise, and all participants leave with a stress kit to reinforce the presentation's messages. Request Your Presentation

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