Health Promotion & Outreach

Our Purpose: The purpose of Health Promotion & Outreach is to foster student learning, academic success and leadership through health and wellness education.

Health Promotion and Outreach aims to create opportunities for students to become more aware and better educated about their health and wellness in order to make more informed choices. We utilize educational programs to advocate for health and wellness on various topics and behaviors that can prevent disease, injuries and other health problems. We are firm believers that the healthier our students are, the better their educational experiences will be and the more likely they will graduate and achieve their goals.

Get Involved!

Healthy Huskers are selected undergraduate students who strive to make a difference in the lives of other students by educating them on many important wellness topics including, but not limited to alcohol, healthy eating, safer sex, sleep, stress, etc. HHs educate other students about health and social issues in order to increase awareness, encourage safer behaviors, make informed choices, and enhance the health and well being of their peers.

Wellness Advocates are students employed by the Health Promotion and Outreach of the University Health Center to help assist fellow students with their diverse health and wellness needs by providing consultation, information, and materials. This is a live-in position in the Residence Halls and Greek Houses.