Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement

MyRED Health Requirement Welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The University Health Center staff would like to make your transition to college as easy as possible. The University of Nebraska requires compliance with the health requirement.

For your convenience, you can now complete the Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement online in MyRED (If you are having difficulty, please call 402-472-7412 or email

To complete the Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement online:
  1. Log into MyRED. Click on the Applicant Tab
  2. Click on the Additional Services Tab
  3. Click on Health Requirement
  4. Carefully read the instructions.
    • All students must submit a copy of their measles immunization record.
    • All new international students must take a tuberculosis test at the University Health Center (UHC) when they arrive on campus.
    • Enter the dates of your immunizations.
    • REMEMBER: The form cannot be submitted until the relevant immunization record is attached to the form. However, the form can be saved until a later date when you are ready to attach the relevant immunization record to the form and submit it.

Follow the appropriate link to make sure you have met all the requirements.

If this requirement is not met within 30 days of enrollment in classes, you will receive a written notice from UHC. After 60 days, a hold will be put on your student account.