Protection Connection: Safer Sex Supplies

Safe Sex

Your on-campus resource for FREE safer sex supplies discreetly delivered to your mailbox:

  • Female/male condoms
  • Dental dams
  • Lubricant

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    Sexual Consent

    Consent means all participants in a sexual encounter agree to it. Consent is verbally expressed, enthusiastic, fun, sober and conscious, freely given, can be withdrawn at anytime and true for all participants. Consenting to one behavior (such as kissing) does not obligate you to consent to any other behaviors (like having sexual intercourse). Giving consent on one occasion does not mean you’ve given consent for future occasions.

    • Does the person want to give consent?

    • Is the person capable of giving consent?

    • Why should you talk to your partners?

    • If you are concerned for yourself or a friend

    STI and HIV Testing

    If you are sexually active, it's your responsibility to ensure you don't put your or your partners' health at risk. STI and HIV tests are easy, quick, inexpensive and painless. Get tested annually.

    • Why should you get tested?

    • Which STIs should I get tested for?

    • Where can I get tested?

    • Who will know I got tested?

    • What happens if I test positive for an STI?

    • How do I tell my partner(s) I have an STI?

    Birth Control Methods

    There is more than just condoms! Learn about your options.

    Talk to a University Health Center medical provider about your options. We carry most birth control methods in the clinic. Click here for more information about our women's health services and how to make an appointment.

    How to Use Safe Sex Supplies

    • How to Use Lube

    • How to Use Dental Dams

    Talk to Your Partner(s) About Protection

      Ways to respond if you feel pressured to have sex without a condom