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Call 402-472-5000 to make an appointment.

Conditions Treated
  • Acute Minor Illnesses »
  • Chronic Conditions »
  • Preventive Care »
  • Referral to Specialists »
  • Women's Health »
  • Men's Health »
  • Eating Disorders »

Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic provides care for many types of consultations, examinations, or treatments that a student might need, just as a family physician would provide in a student's home area. The Medical Clinic is staffed by board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and medical assistants.

Meet The Providers
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The Medical Clinic is staffed by board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, a physician assistant, nurses and medical assistants.
Meet the Providers »

Nutrition Services

A registered dietitian (RD) is available to help you tailor your diet to meet your personal health needs through an individualized, collaborative approach that develops personalized strategies for developing healthy choices that will lead to improved well-being.
Call 402-472-5000 to set up an appointment.

More information on Nutrition Services »


Services are provided on a scheduled appointment basis, with same-day appointments available on most days. We encourage students to see the same provider whenever possible. Seeing the same provider for your health care is the best way to establish a relationship with an individual who truly understands your health needs.

Specialty Clinics
    Eight areas of specialty services offered:
  • Dermatology »
  • Gynecology »
  • Neurology »
  • Ophthalmology »
  • Optometry »
  • Orthopedics »
  • Podiatry »
  • Surgery »

Support Services

Travel Clinic
    Services offered include:
  • Pre-travel counseling and immunizations
  • Vaccines for research, study abroad, vacation, and other travel
  • Analysis of your itinerary, activities and review of previous immunizations
  • Travel Clinic page »

Triage Nurse Services

For shorter wait times, call to schedule an appointment but for more urgent health concerns, Triage is an option.

If you have a medical question or concern,
you may call the UHC nurse
from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
at 402-472-5000.

  • Use triage when:
    • You are acutely ill, injured, have severe pain or high fever
    • You have a medical question or concern to discuss with a registered nurse
  • The triage nurse can:
    • Do the initial physical assessment of your problem/concern
    • Test for Strep Throat if indicated by your symptoms
    • Do pregnancy testing
    • Refer you to a medical provider if needed
    • Provide home care advice and recommendations
  • The triage nurse CANNOT:
    • Prescribe antibiotics
    • Refill prescriptions
    • Order mono or other laboratory tests