About StudentBlue Health Insurance

About StudentBlue Health Insurance

The University of Nebraska teamed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska to offer a highly AFFORDABLE, CONVENIENT insurance plan for UNL students.

StudentBlue Student Health Insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska can help protect you from the unexpected costs of illness or injury.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska is there for you.

Who's Eligible for StudentBlue?

  • This coverage is mandatory for UNL International Students.*
  • This coverage is mandatory for UNL Graduate Assistants.*
  • All other UNL students can voluntarily enroll in StudentBlue.
  • Spouses, domestic partners, and children are eligible for coverage.

*Unless proof of comparable insurance coverage is presented and a waiver is filed.

StudentBlue Benefits at the University Health Center

Your benefits go far when you use the University Health Center. Most services are 100% covered.

Medical Clinic Everything* n/a
Specialists Everything* n/a
Pharmacy Most prescriptions are partially covered.
  • For Generic Drugs = $5 copay
  • For Brand Name Drugs = $30 copay.
  • For brand name drugs not covered under StudentBlue = $80 copay.
  • 2 Healthy Mouth Cleanings
  • 2 Exams
  • 2 Sets of Bite Wing X-rays PER YEAR
  • Insurance covers 80% of fillings and other services.
  • Patient pays 20% of charges.
  • There is a $1,000 maximum payment per year from insurance.
Laboratory Everything* n/a
Physical Therapy Everything* n/a
Radiology Everything* n/a
Counseling & Psychological Services Everything* n/a

*Medically necessary services are generally covered at 100% at the University Health Center.

What's Covered When You Visit Off-Campus Providers

Premium Costs

The fee you pay to Blue Cross Blue Shield for your insurance coverage.

Fall Coverage Period
8/14/15 - 12/31/15
Spring/Summer Coverage Period
1/1/16 - 7/31/16
Student $753.95 $1,055.53
Spouse/Domestic Partner $791.70 $1,108.38
Each Child $565.50 $791.70
Graduate Assistant $158.33 $221.66

How to Enroll

Open enrollment ends on September 15, 2015.

Log into MyRED to enroll.

You will find the insurance link on your “Profile” screen in MyRED.

How to Waive Coverage

International Students

This coverage is mandatory for International Students unless proof of comparable insurance coverage is presented and a waiver is filed. In the absence of a waiver, the insurance premium will be automatically placed on your Student Account Statement.

Click Here to Waive Coverage

Graduate Assistants

Student insurance is provided as part of the University Graduate Assistant employment package. Non-participation in this program will require a completed waiver.

Click Here to Waive Coverage


Contact the University Health Center Insurance Office at 402-472-7435 or studentinsurance@unl.edu.

About the UNL Healthy Option Plan

Notice: Insurance coverage under the UNL Healthy Option plan ended August 13, 2014.

If you need to access information about the 2013-14 UNL Healthy Option plan, click here.