StudentBlue Health Insurance Details

Why StudentBlue?

  1. StudentBlue is a highly affordable, convenient medical, mental health, dental and prescription insurance plan.
    The University of Nebraska has partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska to offer StudentBlue in order to ensure all students have access to the medical care, mental health care, dental care and medications they need to stay healthy.

  2. When you use the University Health Center, StudentBlue covers most medical, dental and mental health services 100%; this means Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover the entire cost for most medically-necessary services.

  3. Most prescriptions are partially covered; this means Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover most of your prescription costs.

Who is Eligible for StudentBlue?

  1. This coverage is mandatory for UNL International Students and Graduate Assistants (unless proof of comparable insurance coverage is presented and a waiver is filed).
  2. All other UNL students can voluntarily enroll in StudentBlue.
  3. Spouses, domestic partners, and children are eligible for coverage.

StudentBlue FAQs

Have Questions about StudentBlue?

Call: 402-472-7435
Stop By: University Health Insurance Office - In the front lobby on the 1st floor

Already have StudentBlue?

Click Here for tips and tools to help you save time and money. Learn how to download your StudentBlue ID card to your phone.