Support Groups, Therapy Groups, Workshops

The Group Scoop

For more information about any of the following groups, please call 402-472-7450 or email:

All therapy groups are "closed" groups. Students are encouraged to start at the beginning and persist with each meeting date throughout the course of the group/workshop.

Therapy groups provide an opportunity to work through a variety of concerns within a person’s life while receiving support, gaining insight, learning and practicing new behaviors, and increasing self-esteem. In group therapy, you have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your self-awareness and focus energy into aspects of your life you wish to change
  • Try out new behaviors and experiment with new ideas
  • Express feelings you are hesitant to express and assert yourself in new ways
  • Learn from other group members (and group facilitators) by get feedback and finding out how others perceive you
  • Understanding Self and Others (USO) Groups

  • Eating Disorder Support Group

All support groups are "open" groups. Students may enter or “drop-in” at any time throughout the semester.
  • Alcohol/Drug Harm Reduction Group

  • International Student Support Group

  • Latina Discussion and Support Group

  • LGBTQ at the U Group

  • Stress Management Group

  • Sister Circle: A Support Group for Women of Color

Workshops may be "open" or "closed."
  • ACT on Life

  • Diversity 101