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What to Bring with You

Your Prescription

If transferring a prescription, the label from the other pharmacy

Pharmacy Insurance Card

Know your allergies and other medications you are currently taking

About Our Services

We provide a student-focused pharmacy experience.

  1. Individual Health Education: We place an emphasis on individual patient counseling. We discuss drug interactions, dosage, appropriate storage and side effects.

  2. Individual Insurance Education: We take the time to fully explain insurance and reimbursement.

  3. Best Possible Prices: We strive to provide the best possible prices on both prescription and over-the-counter products.

Pricing, Billing & Insurance

Insurance-covered prescriptions often require a co-payment. Payment may be made with cash, check, Visa/Mastercard, or charges may be sent to your N Card account.

For your convenience, the University Health Center Pharmacy accepts over 80 prescription insurance plans including:

Accepted Prescription Insurance Plans
AdvancePCS Aetna US Healthcare AlphaScrip Alta Rx Anthem Argus
Blue Cross BeneScript Caremark Catalyst Rx Cigna Healthcare Claimspro
Coventry Curascript DPS Eckerd Express Scripts First Health
Humana Inoviant (Argus) John Deere Health Med Impact Medco Mutual of Omaha
Navitus Nebraska Medicaid Nova Script NPA NPS PAID
Pharmacy Gold Pharma-Link PharmaCare PNNC ProCare Propar
Pro Vantage Prudential Rx America Rx Options Rx Prime Rx West
Scrip Card Scrip World Tricare United Health Care ValueRx Walgreens Health Initiative

The UHC Pharmacy is continually adding prescription insurance programs for its patients. Please consult our staff about other accepted insurance plans.

University Health Center Pharmacy FAQs

Who can use the University Health Center Pharmacy?

Pharmacy services are available for all:

  1. University of Nebraska students and their immediate dependents
  2. Students may continue to use the University Health Center Pharmacy for the equivalent of one semester after they have left the University of Nebraska
  3. University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty & staff and their immediate dependents

Can I really save money by using the University Health Center Pharmacy?

Yes, most items are priced lower than pharmacies in the community. We are members of a large multi-state government buying group that gives the University Health Center Pharmacy access to preferential pricing. Our goal is to keep students healthy and in school, not to make money for the University.

To get a price quote, call the University Health Center Pharmacy at 402-472-7457.

How long will it take to fill my prescription?

Times may vary. Your first visit will include gathering your personal information, including insurance and allergies. Subsequent visits and refills should take a matter of minutes.

Does the University Health Center Pharmacy accept prescriptions written from non-University Health Center clinicians?

With a few exceptions, the University Health Center Pharmacy accepts non-University Health Center and out-of-state prescriptions. Please consult Pharmacy staff for more information.

Can I transfer my prescriptions to the University Health Center Pharmacy?

Yes, you can transfer your prescriptions to University Health Center Pharmacy, providing that you have refills remaining. Bring your prescription container, with label, to the University Health Center Pharmacy and we will quickly complete the process. Nebraska law does limit transfers to one transfer per prescription.

Can I request refills ahead of time for pick up?

Yes, request refills for pick up online or by phone.

Have the prescription number - which is printed on the prescription container and on your Pharmacy receipt - handy.

  1. Request refills online.
  2. Call the the University Health Center Pharmacy at 402-472-7457. Your refill will be ready when you arrive.

Can I send someone else to pick up my prescription?

Prescription information is confidential by law, so we prefer that you pick up a new prescription so we can explain the drug to you personally.

You can send someone else to pick up a refilled prescription. Call 402-472-7457 in advance to authorize another person to pick up the prescription refill. For your protection, the person picking up the prescription will be asked for identification.

Will my parents be notified about my prescriptions?

We will provide prescription information to you only, unless you give written authorization to release this information. However, if you are using insurance belonging to your parent(s), the insurance company may or may not contact the person responsible for that insurance policy. All University Health Center Pharmacy information is strictly confidential.

If I attend UNK, UNMC or UNO, can I use the UNL University Health Center Pharmacy?

Yes, you have the same access to the University Health Center Pharmacy as UNL students. However, for non-UNL students, full payment must be made at the time the prescription is picked up.

Over-the-Counter Products We Offer

Pain relievers Decongestants Cough syrups Antihistamines Vitamins Throat lozenges
Diabetic supplies Insulin Stop smoking aids Contraceptive items Anti-diarrhea meds Lip balms
Cold sore medications Soaps Acne preparations Body oils Skin lotions Moisturizers
Sun tan lotion Antibiotic ointment Women's health items Eye drops Contact lens solutions Antacids
Laxatives First aid supplies Band-aids Hemorrhoid ointment Medicated shampoo Insect repellent

Patient Assistance Programs

Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies. These programs help patients who qualify to receive medication free of charge or at a reduced rate. Qualifications vary from company to company, but most are based on income and lack of prescription coverage.

The University Health Center offers enrollment assistance at no charge. Call 402-472-5000 for more information.

Below are sites which provide a directory of available programs for a variety of needs: