Helping Yourself/Helping a Friend

Eating Disorder Treatment Team

Do I Need Help?

Warning signs of an eating disorder include the following:

  • Intense preoccupation with body size, weight, shape, or food and eating
  • Counting calories and fat grams at every meal
  • Weighing oneself very frequently
  • Extreme fluctuations in weight
  • Secretive eating
  • Intense fear of becoming fat
  • Strict rules surrounding food intake, such as having certain foods that are off limits, in order to alter shape or weight (not due to allergies or other medical considerations)
  • Binge eating and/or a sense of loss of control over one’s food intake
  • Purging
  • Self-induced vomiting
  • Use of diet pills, laxatives, or diuretics to alter shape or weight
  • Excessive exercising, exercising despite injury, or giving up other commitments (going to class) to exercise

If you are concerned you may have an eating disorder, take a free and confidential online screening.

What if I am Concerned about a Friend or Relative?

If you are concerned about a friend or relative that you suspect may be struggling with an eating disorder, you are already doing a great thing by looking for information. Below are some links that give helpful advice on what to do if you suspect someone you care about may have an eating disorder. In addition, if you are a UNL student, you may set up an appointment with a counselor at CAPS (402) 472-7450 for additional advice and support.

On-line Resources: