Privacy Overview

Privacy Overview for Parents

Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center Counseling and Psychological Services follows all applicable state and federal privacy laws. Our records cannot be accessed or shared without a client’s written permission. The limited times confidentiality can be broken with a Counseling and Psychological Services staff member are, for example, when a student is an immediate threat to themselves or others, a therapist suspects abuse or neglect of a client under the age of 19, or a court orders a record. Even during these cases, we attempt to work with the client to communicate this information to other parties.

Information Limits

As parents, unless your student is under age 19, we cannot share their records with you without their written consent. This written consent would be given through a Release of Information form.

Although we are limited by confidentiality, we still wish to partner with you and your family. If you have information that you feel we should know, call us but know that anything you share can be shared with your student.

We are happy to consult with you about any concern you may have. You do not need to share your student’s name if you would rather wait. We are here to give you the best explanation of what typically happens when students seek mental health services at Counseling and Psychological Services. In some cases, contacting us can help ensure the best possible outcome for your student.

Serving Students Under 19

According to Nebraska state law, those under the age of 19 cannot receive counseling services without a parent or guardian’s permission. Counseling and Psychological Services recommends parents/guardians fill out this Power of Attorney form so your student can access services in a swift and easy manner. Once the authorization is on file, the student can begin counseling.