Department Directory

When calling from a campus phone, you must dial the full number for the department you wish to reach. On-campus dialing is not available.

For on-campus emergencies, dial 911

Nebraska Medicine–University Health Center Departments
Administration first level 402.472.7411
Appointments second level 402.472.5000
Billing second level 402.472.7435
Counseling and Psychological Services – Admin second level 402.472.7450
Dental Office second level 402.472.7495
Facilities Services first level 402.472.7430
Health Promotion and Outreach first level 402.472.5000
Laboratory second level 402.472.7583
Marketing first level 402.472.7417
Medical Clinic - Providers second level 402.472.7477
Medical Clinic - Nurses second level 402.472.7477
Pharmacy first level 402.472.7457
Physical Therapy first level 402-472-7546
Radiology second level 402.472.7455
Gynecological services first level 402.472.5000