Department Directory

When calling from a campus phone, you must dial the full number for the department you wish to reach. On-campus dialing is not available.

For on-campus emergencies, dial 911

Nebraska Medicine–University Health Center Departments
Administration first level 402.472.7411
Appointments second level 402.472.5000
Billing second level 402.472.7435
Counseling and Psychological Services – Admin second level 402.472.7450
Dental Office second level 402.472.7495
Facilities Services first level 402.472.7430
Big Red Resilience and Well-Being first level 402.472.5000
Laboratory second level 402.472.7583
Marketing first level 402.472.7417
Medical Clinic - Providers second level 402.472.7477
Medical Clinic - Nurses second level 402.472.7477
Pharmacy first level 402.472.7457
Physical Therapy first level 402-472-7546
Radiology second level 402.472.7455
Gynecological services first level 402.472.5000