University of Nebraska-Lincoln Health Requirements for Graduate Students

You must show proof of:

If you have questions or concerns about this requirement, call 402.472.7411.

To complete the health requirement online in your MyRed account:

  1. Scan or take a high quality picture of your school immunization record or health care provider immunization record OR your positive rubeola lab report.
  2. form

Common Issues

  1. If you are unable to submit your immunization record online:

  2. If your immunization record can't be found:

Meningococcal Vaccine Available at UHC

Meningococcal disease is a rare infection with potentially devastating results. The vaccine is recommended for first year students living in university residences, but it is not required by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

To make an appointment to receive your meningococcal vaccine, call 402.472.5000.

More information on the Meningococcal disease and vaccine.