Presentations and Bulletin Board Kits

How to schedule a presentation:

  1. Submit the online request form at least two weeks in advance.
  2. After receiving the online form, a Nebraska Medicine–University Health Center staff member will contact you to discuss the activity.
  3. Once you have confirmation by a University Health Center staff member that your activity request will be fulfilled, advertise your program.
Available Presentations
Alcohol Separate myth from fact when it comes to Nebraska's policies, state laws and drinking culture among Husker students. Discover how alcohol affects your health and learn some tips and tricks for staying safe if you drink. The presentation includes an interactive activity where students can practice pouring a standard drink and intervening in dangerous situations. Request Your Presentation
Counseling and Psychological Services Overview Learn about the resources CAPS offers to students, including the free services available to most students, and understand how to access CAPS. Request Your Presentation
Cultural Adjustment for International Students Description coming soon! Request Your Presentation
Depression and Anxiety Description coming soon! Request Your Presentation
Diversity 101 Description coming soon! Request Your Presentation
Health Literacy College may be the first time in their lives students have gone to the doctor alone. In this presentation, they'll learn how to navigate the health care industry by demystifying insurance and the processes involved in accessing care. Participants will learn how to care for themselves to prevent illness, necessary routine healthcare and some common health issues that may affect them individually. Request Your Presentation
Healthy Relationships Learn about the factors that influence wellness, tips to reach optimal wellness and the benefits of a healthy life. Request Your Presentation
Physical Activity & Nutrition (PAN) Dive in to the interconnectedness of physical activity and nutrition, the numerous health benefits and offer examples of simple activities and healthier food options. Request Your Presentation
Sexually Transmitted Infections/Contraception Explore common methods of contraception and STI prevention, discuss factors that affect personal sexual decision making and gain the skills necessary to make decisions that will keep you and your partners healthy. Request Your Presentation
Sexual Communication 102 Description coming soon! Request Your Presentation
Sleep Find out why sleep is so good for us, get tips for better sleep and discuss the complicated issue of napping. As part of this presentation, all students receive a sleep kit, which includes an eye shade and ear plugs among other things. Request Your Presentation
Stress Take a stress assessment, talk about common causes of collegiate stress, and most importantly, how to cope and manage that stress. This presentation includes a mindfulness exercise, and all participants leave with a stress kit to reinforce the presentation's messages. Request Your Presentation
Student Insurance Overview Learn about the University of Nebraska's student insurance plan for students, UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. We'll discuss eligibility, deductibles, premiums and how to maximize the plan at the University Health Center Request Your Presentation
University Health Center Overview Hear about the free services the University Health Center offers to most students, our other services, how to access care and other important things students need to know about using the health center. Request Your Presentation

Request Bulletin Board Kits

To request a bulletin board kit, click a link below and fill out the corresponding form. Once your request has been received, a staff member will email you the kit with an image showing how to assemble the board.

  • Climbing Your Way To Sexual Health
  • Rain Drop, Drop Top, Drink Safe And Know When to Stop Stop
  • If Alcohol Could Talk
  • May The Sleep Be With You
  • Free University Health Center Services For Students
  • How To Stay Stressed