Pandemic Flu

Pandemic Flu Preparedness

Public health organizations, government entities and emergency preparedness personnel are working to identify preparedness issues and responses to a global disease outbreak from flu virus H5N1. The UNL pandemic flu preparedness task force suggests that individuals in the UNL community stay informed and educate themselves on preparing for a possible flu epidemic. These Web sites provide information on preparedness and responses, and suggest ideas for individuals to protect themselves from the threat of pandemic flu.

How is UNL Preparing?

A special task force at UNL has identified resources, preliminary procedures and ideas for informing and educating the university community and Nebraskans about pandemic flue. The task force's objectives are:

  • Minimize risk of pandemic influenza to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Support students who remain in Lincoln.
  • Continue functions essential to university operations during a pandemic
  • Resume UNL's teaching, research, and service operations as soon as possible following a pandemic.

In the event of a pandemic flu outbreak the task force would coordinate with health and government agencies and communicate information and responses to the university community. Updates of the task force planning committee can be found on the web at