Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)


Talk to Us, We Can Help

We're here for you! The multiculturally and professionally diverse staff at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) includes licensed psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and counselors who are available to respond to a broad spectrum of concerns and issues.

The CAPS staff is here when you need someone to talk with, like when...

  • You feel alone and need help.
  • It seems you've lost control of your life.
  • You worry all the time and can't seem to find answers.
  • The way you feel is affecting your sleep, eating habits, studies, relationships or everyday life.
  • It's not getting any better.

We help students with:

Anxiety and Depression | Drug and Alcohol Counseling | Relationship Difficulties | Eating Disorders | Sexuality Concerns | Communication Skills | Homesickness | Time Management | Learning Disabilities / ADD | Diversity Concerns | Grief and Trauma | Social Justice Issues | Other Personal Concerns

Privacy and Confidentiality

We respect your privacy. All CAPS services are confidential. All records are accessible only to CAPS staff. Records are accessible to other University Health Center medical providers on an as-needed basis only. Information is released only with the written consent of the client, except as required by law.

How to Use CAPS


In a Crisis

A crisis is a situation in which an individual's typical coping responses don't work or may be less effective than usual.

What to Do

  1. Call 402-472-7450 to schedule a 10–15 minute phone triage appointment.
  2. The triage appointment will be scheduled either the same day or the next and will help us set you up with the appropriate services.

If CAPS is Closed

For after-hours emergency service, call 402-219-8050 to contact your therapist or another therapist in CAPS.



Available Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM

Call (402) 472-7450
or Stop by the University Health Center

If you need to cancel your appointment - Call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid a failed visit charge

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