Free Flu Shots for UNL Students


As of October 16, we are offering trivalent flu vaccines.

To receive your trivalent flu vaccine, walk-in to the UHC during business hours or make an appointment by calling: 402-472-5000.

We do expect to be receiving a shipment of quadrivalent flu vaccine soon. Please check back for more information.

For information on the differences between the trivalent flu vaccine and the quadrivalent flu vaccine, click here.


As of October 16, we are now offering Flumist for people 49 years old or younger. This is free for students.
You need to make an appointment by calling: 402-472-5000.

Faculty and staff members can also receive Flumist. The charge is $36.

Note: There are restrictions for people getting Flumist.

You should get the flu shot instead of the nasal spray if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have a weakened immune system
  • are allergic to eggs
  • are a young child with asthma or wheezing problems
  • are a child or adolescent on long-term aspirin therapy
  • will provide care for, or visit someone, within the next 7 days who needs special care for an extremely weakened immune system (ask your health care provider)
  • have taken influenza antiviral medications in the past 48 hours

For more information, please consult the Influenza Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) - Intranasal FluMist.

Flu Shots for Faculty and Staff Members

Flu shots are offered for faculty and staff members. Prices are $30 for the trivalent flu vaccine (available now) and $35 for the quadrivalent flu vaccine (coming soon).

UHC will file Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare claims for faculty and staff members under the wellness benefit. You must have your insurance card at the time of vaccination in order for us to file a claim. You do not need to bring payment.

For all other insurances, an insurance form will be provided for you to file your claim.

Upcoming UHC Flu Shot Clinics

None at this time.

You are welcome to download and bring your completed Influenza Vaccination and Consent Form 2014-2015