1 simple way to boost your health before you graduate

If you plan to graduate soon, you’re probably building a to-do list of actions to complete before you leave the university — everything from returning textbooks to applying for internships and jobs. But does your list include a checkup with your doctor?

Although it might not sound important compared to your other to-do’s, getting a checkup before you transition into the workforce or higher academics is a smart move with a big payoff. Why? Because you’re about to enter a new phase of life with different demands and stressors than what you’ve experienced in college. Maintaining your health during this transition is critical if you want to be successful. A physical is where you’ll get a well-being roadmap for navigating these challenges.

A physical boosts your health by:

  • Helping you discover ways to improve your health habits
  • Screening for possible health problems and risk factors
  • Reviewing and updating your immunizations
  • Discussing and making plans for your reproductive health and more

How to schedule a physical

  • Choose an adult doctor, not a pediatrician. Although you may have an established relationship with your pediatrician, they are trained to treat teens and won’t be able to give you the best advice. If possible, select a health care provider who specializes in college health
  • Once you’ve chosen a health care provider, call their facility to make an appointment. These appointments fill quickly, so contact them this week if you plan to graduate in the spring
  • Leave plenty of time to commute. Don’t schedule an appointment right before or after a class
  • Have your insurance card ready. The medical receptionist may ask you for this information over the phone
  • Once your appointment is made, write down your questions for the provider. This ensures you make the most of your appointment

The University Health Center provides checkups for students. Our on-campus location makes it convenient to schedule appointments in and around your busy schedules. Our providers specialize in college health and can provide the best advice to help you care for your well-being during this time of transition. Call 402.472.5000 to schedule. Although physicals are not covered by student fees and will incur a charge, we can submit the cost to private insurance. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.