Covered Services

Effective July 1, 2017, students who pay University Program and Facilities Fees, commonly referred to as “student fees,” can receive the following Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center services for no extra charge:
  • Five Medical and/or Travel Clinic office visits per calendar year (July – June). This does not include immunizations, laboratory services, medical procedures, preventative exams, prescriptions, psychiatric visits, routine physicals or X-rays
  • Four individual counseling sessions per academic lifetime. This does not include visits with psychiatric medication management providers
  • Certain Counseling and Psychological Services support groups
  • Doctor-ordered STD testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV
  • Doctor-ordered wellness profiles
  • Triage nurse visits
  • Sports physicals for club sports
  • Physical therapy consultation
  • First nutrition counseling session
All students, regardless of whether or not they have paid UPFF, can receive the following Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center services for no charge:
  • Flu shots
  • HIV testing provided by the Health Promotion & Outreach HIV Test Site
  • 24-hour doses of ibuprofen, acetaminophen and antacid at the UHC Pharmacy
  • Protection Connection: Free Safer Sex Supplies
  • Health and well-being educational events and resources provided by Health Promotion & Outreach
  • Tobacco Quit Kits, Cold Care Kits and other free self-care items as requested (Stop by the Health Center and ask a triage nurse for these free items).

University Program and Facilities Fees FAQ

  • What is UPFF?

  • Does my UPFF cover UHC services?

Note: The University Program and Facilities Fees are completely separate from the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Student Health Insurance Plan premium.