Flu Shots at the University Health Center

Flu shots are now available at the University Health Center! More details below.

Students Faculty/staff Flu shot FAQs

Student Flu Shot Overview

Flu shots are FREE for students! Make an appointment at the University Health Center by calling 402.472.5000.

Bring the following with you to your flu shot appointment:
  • NCard
  • The 2018-19 Flu Vaccination Form
  • If you are 18 years or younger, state law requires that we have parental permission to give you a flu shot at the health center. You have two options:

    • Your parent or guardian can fill out, have notarized and send the health center a Power of Attorney form. You may bring this with you to your flu shot appointment. If your parent or guardian has already submitted this form, another submission is not required
    • We will call your parent or guardian at the time of your flu shot appointment at the health center for verbal consent

Faculty/staff Flu Shot Overview

Unless your department has prearranged payment for your flu shot, faculty and staff must schedule an appointment at the health center to receive a flu shot and are not eligible to attend walk-in flu shot clinics.These appointments are limited and may require a short wait. If a faculty or staff member whose department has paid for their flu shot cannot attend the special department-paid walk-in clinic on Oct. 3, they are eligible to attend any of the student walk-in flu shot clinics listed above.

At this time, we are not offering the high dose (65+) flu vaccine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What flu shot are you giving for the 2018-19 year?

  • What is the flu?

  • Does the flu vaccine work?

  • I got the flu shot last year, why do I have to get it again?

  • What's the benefit to me?

  • I don't get sick often so why should I get the flu shot?

  • What if the flu shot makes me sick?

Did you know? That anyone even young, healthy adults can get sick from the flu and spread it to others. Buzz buzz (text message: You coming out tonight? I can't I have the flu. My niece and girlfriend have it now too.) The short time it will take you to get a flu vaccine. Can help protect you and the ones you love. The flu vaccine is safe and does not cause the flu. #GetAFluVax

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