Is it safe to use a Magic Eraser as a teeth whitener?

Dark-colored stains on teeth are frustrating.  

Some TikTok users have an answer: Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean your teeth. But this latest trend is not one to try at home, for several reasons, according to the University Health Center Dental Clinic experts:   

  • These cleaning sponges are meant for household use, not personal use 

  • They contain chemicals that can irritate the stomach 

  • They can damage the mouth, teeth and gumline 

Magic Eraser when mixed with water essentially turns into sandpaper. Such abrasive material can remove the enamel on the teeth causing damage, sensitivity and lead to decay 

Safer alternatives 

Magic Eraser may be a good stain remover for your stove, sink and walls, but not your teeth, says Josi Stephenson, DDS, health center dentist. There are many reasons teeth can be discolored. Usually, diet and lack of regular brushing are the main culprits.  

To prevent stained teeth, Dr. Stephenson recommends:  

  • Limit coffee and teas. If you must drink, sip through a straw and drink water after finishing them 

  • Choose water over pop, tea, Gatorade, energy drinks and other popular drinks 

  • Alcoholic beverages are also a source of staining, particularly red and white wines  

  • Avoid tobacco products like smoking, smokeless tobacco or vaping products  

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