In-Network Plans

Nebraska Medicine participates in many health insurance plans. View the full list.

The list can change at any time, so it’s important that you check directly with your health insurance plan to understand if and how your coverage will work with Nebraska Medicine (the care provider for the University Health Center). Read our guide on how health insurance works for more information on navigating your insurance coverage.

Don’t see your plan in the list linked above? Consider enrolling in the university’s student health insurance plan. The plan covers most medically necessary services received at the University Health Center at 100 percent and offers excellent local and nationwide coverage. 

What if I have an out-of-network health insurance plan?  

  • If your insurance is not listed hereit most likely will not provide in-network benefits for your care a Nebraska Medicine, including the University Health Center. Call your insurance company ahead of time to ask about your out-of-network benefits at the health center.  
  • If your insurance is billed, allow at least one month for insurance to be processed. Any remaining charges will be sent to your MyRed Student Account.  
  • Remember to bring your health insurance card (or a photo or copy of both the front and back of the card) with you to every appointment.