"What the Health" Webinars

There's a lot of health information out there these days. How can you be sure you're getting accurate information about the topics you care about?

Stay informed by joining the University Health Center for our 30-minute interactive Zoom webinar series, "What the Health." One of our health care experts will lead a brief discussion about a different trending health topic. You'll learn the facts and get tips to live a healthier lifestyle. Each event concludes with a Q&A where you can get your questions answered anonymously. Pre-registration is required. 

Can't attend the live event? Register and we'll email you a link to the recording after the webinar.

Past webinars

Intuitive eating: What is it and should you try it?
Powder up: Is coffee protein powder, greens powder and others safe?
Men's sexual health
TLC for your vagina
Practical tips for healthier skin
Beyond the pill
How to reduce stress and get more sleep
Vitamins: What to take and what you can skip
How to use your health insurance

Have an idea for future health webinars?
Send your suggestions to jesnguyen@nebraskamed.com.