Health Topics A to Z

There are many common health concerns that affect young adults. Scroll through the list below to find a topic you'd like to explore. Learn about signs and symptoms, when to seek care, treatment options and campus resources that can help you with your concern.


Get the facts about antibiotics and when they are typically prescribed.


Understand this common mental health concern and what to do if you suspect you have anxiety.

COVID-19 vs. the common cold and influenza

Learn the primary differences between these three viruses, how to treat symptoms and when to seek care.


Learn the basics about this mental health condition and where to go to get help on campus.

Diarrhea and vomiting

These are common symptoms of many different viruses and infections. Learn how to treat these symptoms at home.

Ear infection

Ear pain can be worrisome. Learn what to do if you notice signs of this infection.


This chronic condition can flare up throughout your life.

Eye health

Tips to keep your eyes healthy.


Learn how to prevent the flu, one of the most common viruses that spreads on college campuses.


This contagious disease has been labeled a public health emergency. Learn about symptoms, how it spreads and other important information.


Mono is a very common viral disease among college students that can zap your energy and cause a variety of symptoms


This skin infection can cause serious complications if not treated quickly.

Pap smears

Learn about this common cervical cancer test.

Pink eye

This is a common cause of eye redness and irritation.

Seasonal allergies

Get tips for treating and preventing common seasonal allergy flare ups.

Sexual health

This resource page has videos and information about periods, sexually transmitted infections, birth control and more.

Sleep health

This resource page has tips and tools to help you improve your sleep.

Sore throat

There are many at-home treatment options to help you recover from a sore throat

Sprains and fractures

Learn the difference between these two conditions and how to treat them.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTIs need to be treated early to avoid complications.