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Hours of Service

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Call Us: 402.472.7457

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Patient Eligibility

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln students
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty and staff
  • Immediate dependents of students, faculty and staff
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Services Covered By Student Fees

  • Student fees do not cover pharmacy services. Ibuprofen, antacid, and acetaminophen are available in 24-hour doses at no cost.

Here For All Your Prescription Needs

  • We fill prescriptions from University Health Center medical providers, non-health center providers and providers from out of state
  • To transfer a current prescriptions to the health center, call us at 402.472.7457 and our team will take care of it. It's helpful to have the prescription bottle handy as the pharmacy team will ask you questions about the information on the label
  • We recommend requesting refills 48 hours in advance if you do not have refills remaining
  • If you are prescribed a new medication, tell your provider to send the script to us
  • We offer worry-free automatic refills, and 90-day supply are available for certain prescriptions
  • Certain prescriptions, such as birth control, are offered at a discounted rate
  • When you pick up your prescriptions, our pharmacy team will take the time to help you fully understand the medicine, including any side effects
Pharmacy Services Overview
My Pharmacy Story - Kimberly Stanke

Manage Prescriptions on the Go

With the Nebraska Medicine Pharmacy app you can:

  • Request refills
  • Check a prescription status
  • Schedule refill reminders
  • Set reminders to take your medications
  • Manage your prescription profile and view your prescription history

To download the app, text "APP" to 54053 or visit one of the following app stores:

Apple Google Play

You can also manage your prescriptions online at or call us at 402.472.7457.

Get text message notifications when your prescription is ready for pickup, in the mail or ready for refill. Enroll by calling 402.472.7457.

Contactless Options

Curbside Pickup

  • Call the pharmacy at 402.472.7457 and inform a staff member you plan to use the new curbside pickup option.
  • When you arrive at the health center parking lot to the north of our building, park in the stall labeled with a curbside pickup sign.
  • Call the number on the sign to let us know you have arrived. A pharmacy staff member will process your payment over the phone and then bring your prescription to your vehicle. You will be asked to verify your address and date of birth.

Mail Order

  • Call the pharmacy at 402.472.7457 and request to have your prescription shipped directly to your home.
  • Shipping takes approximately three to four business days. At this time, we can only ship within the state of Nebraska. Please note that 60- and 90-day supplies may be unavailable due to nationwide medication shortages.

Over-the-Counter Items

OTC items are medications or products that do not require a prescription to be purchased. Examples include medicines, pregnancy tests and emergency contraception, vitamins, bandages, etc. Our pharmacy team can help you choose the appropriate items for your needs.

Most of our products are offered at a lower rate than what students may find at off-campus drug stores. The pharmacy offers free 24-hour doses of ibuprofen, antacid and acetaminophen upon request.

We offer mostly generic products to save students money. Generic products are made of the same active ingredients as brand-name products and are just as effective. If there is a product you need that we do not routinely stock, let us know so that we can try to special order it for you.

Know Before You Go

  • Bring your prescription insurance information with you. Actual card or a photo of the front and back of your card will do. Please note that some insurance providers have separate medical and prescription cards, in which case you will need to bring your prescription card only
  • The pharmacy accepts most major prescription insurance plans. The pharmacy also accepts cash, check, NCard, Health Savings Account cards and major credit cards. Copay assistance options are available, and we offer free enrollment assistance
  • Full payment is required at the time of pick up. We cannot bill student accounts

Ask The Pharmacist

Our pharmacy team’s goal is to ensure all students fully understand the medication they are prescribed. Here are questions to ask when filling prescriptions or buying over-the-counter items:

  • How often should I take this medication?
  • Will it interact with other medications I’m taking?
  • Can I take this on an empty stomach or with food?
  • What are the possible side effects?
  • How should I store the medication?
  • What do I do if I miss a dose?

Confidential and Private

Purchases are confidential and are not visible on your student account. Here are additional considerations to help you maintainyour privacy:

  • If you are submitting a charge to insurance, consider who may receive the explanation of benefits, such as a parent, guardian or partner
  • A curbside pickup stall is available in our parking lot and can be used if you have symptoms or wish to avoid seeing others when picking up your purchase

Safe Medication Disposal

Don’t flush or throw away those unwanted or unused medications. Protect the environment and prevent drug abuse and overdose by using our safe medication disposal box, located near the drop-off counter in the pharmacy. The box is available when the University Health Center is open. There is no need to speak to anyone to deposit the medications.

We accept prescription medications (both controlled and non-controlled), OTC medications and liquids less than 4 oz in a Ziplock bag. We cannot accept illegal drugs, needles or syringes, sharps containers, medical devices or batteries, aerosol cans or inhalers, chemicals, mercury-containing devices, radio-pharmaceuticals and liquid antineoplastic agents.

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Meet Our Staff

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Aaron Kassebaum

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Kaycee Neil

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Stephanie Snyder

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Willow Nyman-Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to fill my prescription?

Times may vary, but most same-day refills are fulfilled within 20 minutes. To save you waiting time, we recommend requesting a refill 24 hours prior to pickup. Your first visit will include gathering your personal information and allergies. Bring your insurance card or a copy/photo of both sides of the card with you to your visit. Please note that some insurance providers have separate medical and prescription cards, in which case you will need to bring your prescription card only.

Can I request refills in advance?

Yes. Have the prescription number (printed on the prescription container and on your pharmacy receipt) handy. We recommend requesting refills 48 hours in advance if you do not have refills remaining

  • Request by App - To download the app, text "APP" to 54053 or visit one of the following app stores:Apple Google Play
  • Call the health center pharmacy at 402.472.7457
Can I send someone else to pick up my prescription?

Prescription information is confidential by law, so we prefer for you to pick up a new prescription so we can explain the drug to you personally. You can send someone else to pick up a refilled prescription. Call 402.472.7457 in advance to authorize another person to pick up the prescription refill. For your protection, the person picking up the prescription will be asked for identification.

Will my parents be notified about my prescriptions?

We will provide prescription information to you only, unless you give written authorization to release this information. However, if you are using insurance belonging to your parent(s), the insurance company may or may not contact the person responsible for that insurance policy. All University Health Center pharmacy information is strictly confidential.

Are there restrictions for purchasing Plan B One Step?

There is no longer an age limit to purchase Plan B, and identification is no longer required.

Are there restrictions for purchasing Sudafed or products containing pseudoephedrine?

Yes. The buyer must present a valid government-issued photo ID — no exceptions.

If I attend UNK, UNMC or UNO, can I use the University Health Center pharmacy?

Yes, you have the same access to the University Health Center pharmacy as University of Nebraska-Lincoln students.

Can I use the University Health Center after I leave the university?

Students may use the health center pharmacy for one semester after they have left the university.

Do you have information about patient assistance programs that may help me cover the cost of my medication?

Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies. These programs help patients who qualify to receive medication free of charge or at a reduced rate. Qualifications vary from company to company, but most are based on income and lack of prescription coverage.

The University Health Center offers enrollment assistance at no charge. Call 402.472.5000 for more information.

Below are sites that provide a directory of available programs for a variety of needs: