Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic Services

  • Pre-travel counseling and immunizations given by a Nurse Practitioner who is certified in Travel Health

  • Counseling includes an analysis of your itinerary, activities and review of previous immunizations
    Receive advice on insect protection, traveler diarrhea, high altitude sickness prevention, etc.

  • Open to UNL Students, Faculty/Staff and Community Members
    There is a $50 travel immunizations office charge for non-students, or students who have not paid their facility fees.

  • Designated yellow fever vaccination center (International Certificate of Vaccination - yellow booklet)

Vaccines are given for:

  • Faculty Research Trips
  • HAJJ Travel
  • Spring Break Trips
  • Study Abroad
  • Vacation Travelers

Vaccines/Immunity Testing (Titers) Available

Download Vaccination/Titer Price List

Check with your insurance provider to determine if vaccines will be paid. The UHC will bill BCBS for services. For all other insurance companies, UHC will provide an insurance ready bill that can be submitted to your insurance company. If you are not a UNL student, payment will be required at time of visit (unless you have BCBS). UHC accepts cash, check, NCard, Visa and MasterCard.

Travel Immunizations

University Health Center Price Guide - Travel Immunizations
Travel Immunizations Office Charge* $50 per person
Travel Immunizations Office Charge
for Special Groups**
$25 per person
Injection Fee $6 per injection
(For patients who have paid facility fees.)
$12 per injection
(For patients who have not paid facility fees.)

*UNL students who have paid their facility fees get counseling free of charge.

**Group Consultations: A special consultation can be arranged for groups (4 people or more at the same appointment) traveling for services such as volunteerism, humanitarian relief, or educational purposes to the same destination. Call
402-472-5000 to arrange a group consultation.


Note: Immunizations must be given at least 14 days prior to travel to be effective. Schedule your appointment early!
  • Call 402-472-5000 for an appointment

  • Download and complete a Travel Medical History Form

  • For study abroad program physicals, bring the printed requirements list that you can find on My World

  • If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, download an Insurance Information Form

  • Bring these forms AND your previous immunization records with you to your appointment


  • Available behind the Health Center off of Vine Street between 14th and 16th streets
  • Use designated parking lot labeled 'Patient Parking' and inform check-in staff
  • MAP 1500 U Street