Women's Health

Memorial Stadium
Women's Health Services - UHC First Floor - 472-7457

We specialize in the evaluation, treatment and counseling of women's health concerns.

Services We Offer

  • Routine physical exams, including Pap tests (age 21 and above) and breast exams
  • Treatment and evaluation of abnormal Pap smears including colonoposcopy with biopsy as indicated
  • Contraceptive counseling, prescription and management:
    1. Diaphragm
    2. Injectable Hormones (Depo Provera Injection)
    3. Intrauterine Device (IUD) - Mirena and Skyla
    4. Oral Contraceptive Pills
    5. Subdermal Implant (Nexplanon)
    6. Vaginal Ring (Nuva Ring)
    7. Condoms (male/female) with Spermicide
  • Emergency contraception (Plan B)
  • Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  • Free HIV testing available for students
  • Menstrual problems including painful periods and irregular bleeding
  • Pregnancy testing, counseling and referrals
  • Abdominal/pelvic pain
  • Diagnostic and treatment of vaginal and urinary tract infections
  • HPV vaccine