5 services you didn’t know the University Health Center offers

You may already know that you can use the University Health Center when you get sick or injured, but did you know we offer more than just primary care? Read on to learn about five services you can use on campus.

1. Pharmacy
The University Health Center Pharmacy is convenient and affordable. Our pharmacy offers hundreds of over-the-counter products, prescription transfers, and refills and you can also get your updated COVID-19 vaccine.

2. Physical Therapy
Recover faster and move better with the help of our physical therapy team. Potential treatment methods include aquatic therapy, cupping, dry needling, Kinesio taping and more. Consultations with a physical therapy team member about the benefits of physical therapy is covered by your student fees.

3.  Dental
Instead of trying to cram in appointments during your holiday break, schedule your dental appointments with our dental clinic. Our team provides quality dental care like your home dentist, including routine exams, cleanings and treatment.

4.  Concussion Clinic
Whether it’s a car accident, slip and fall or sports-related injury, our expert neuropsychologist can diagnose concussions and help you manage your symptoms – located in the historic Memorial Stadium.

5.  Nutrition Counseling
Our registered dietitian can help you create healthy eating habits that give you the energy and strength you need. You’ll work with the dietitian to create a plan that meets your goals and expands your nutrition knowledge. Students who pay student fees can receive their first nutrition counseling visit for no additional cost.

The University Health Center helps keep you healthy so you can succeed on campus. Call 402.472.5000 to schedule an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our services and the cost of care.